Wood as fuel
The wood material is the main energy source for the mankind for many centuries. It conserves the energy from the Sun, transfrormed by the plant through photosythesis. The utilization of this material as fuel is ecological and environmentally friendly, thus preserving the emmisions of green house and noxious gasses into the atmosphere. The wood biomass utilization complies the modern trends for natural resources preservation and reduction of the carbon footprint of the human activities on the Earth.
Wood pellets as fuel
The pellets, produced from wood are one of the most popular worldwide renewable energy fuels. Their main advantages are : high calorific value, low moisture content, low mineral matter (ash) content, also easy logistics and storage. The pellet's shape allows troublefree transportation of the automatic pellet systems as well as safe and high efficient utilization. For wood pellet properties - check : www.enplus-pellets.eu.